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FREE Passive Fire Protection Training for Property Managers

If you are a Property /Building Manager or Body Corporate manager in New Zealand, one of your regular responsibilities will be sourcing a Building Warrant of Fitness and dealing with the various IQP's who assist in checking your Specified Systems.

It is also possible (especially in the last few years) that you were told the Passive Fire Protection in the building you manage is not up to standard, even though it is the same building with the same compliance schedule - and nothing has changed!

So you may ask:

To answer these and other questions, we have created a FREE training session, "Passive Fire Protection for Property Managers", that we run over an afternoon tea (which we'll provide), talking about Passive Fire Protection and how it relates to Property Management. This 30-minute presentation also includes a case study where we explain a risk assessment process to enable building owners and body corporates to make affordable, progressive and prioritised passive fire improvements to their buildings.

Time slots are limited, so if you feel like you and your team may benefit from this training:

OR, if you know someone that may benefit from it or someone in your network may benefit from it, please share it!

We are also working on a similar module with more technical information on "Passive Fire Protection for IQPs". If you are interested, GET IN TOUCH and be added to the waiting list for the first sessions.


Nelligan Consulting Engineers has an in-house passive fire protection consultant team with expertise and knowledge to assist you with your project at various stages to ensure the passive fire protection installation is appropriately specified, compliant, cost-effective, and with minimal delays.

Check out our Passive Fire Service Page and Projects

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