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Nelligan Consulting Engineers

Nelligan Consulting Engineers Team photo

We are Consulting Engineers offering a range of specialist services.

Our expertise is predominantly in the fields of fire engineering and mechanical engineering, including specialties such as height safety, machinery safety, accident and failure analysis, fire investigation and remediation,  and passive fire protection. We are a small, agile team who enjoys forming relationships with our clients and problem-solving together.

We offer fire safety design services for new or existing buildings, whether these be residential, commercial or industrial . We have also completed a rich range of fire safety designs for specialist use buildings. These include such buildings as wastewater pumping stations, paint spray booths and grit blasting booths, indoor sports and amusement centres, chemical processing plants and theatres

Due to the sheer number of available passive fire protection solutions (from various suppliers) for the uncountable iterations of various services through various substrates in differing orientations, the design and specification of passive fire protection systems has become a job requiring specialist expertise and considerable knowledge of these systems

We are frequently called upon to assist with the determination of cause of failures or incidents involving mechanical plant or equipment. This also includes regularly being requested by Worksafe to investigate the cause of workplace injuries and fatalities. Our experience in mechanical engineering, fire engineering, and machine safety provides us with the expertise to assist with a wide range of investigations and provide clear concise reports on our findings.

We are experienced designers of mechanical engineering components including pressure vessels, lifting beams, equipment supports and structures.  We also have experience in the design of seismic restraint of equipment such as tanks and boilers.  We are equipped with both 2D and 3D drafting and modelling software, and with finite element analysis software for in-depth stress analysis.

Machinery Safety

Surveying and auditing services to review your workplace and make recommendations for improving the safety of your machinery.

Accident & Failure Analysis

Determining the cause of failures or incidents involving mechanical plant or equipment.

Since the release of the MBIE Best Practice Guidelines in 2012, we have worked with most of the country’s installers of height safety systems, assisting with the design and final inspection and certification of these systems. In the past 10 years, we have lost count of how many roofs, wind turbines, cellphone towers and meteorological masts we have been on or up!

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