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Our History

After tiring of being the Regional Manager of a large multidisciplinary consulting firm, Bob Nelligan went out on his own and started the firm in 1991. Initially working from home as a 'one man band' Bob acquired some helpers after a few years, the first of which was Scott Jackson in 2001. Rob Holland followed a few years after and they are both now co-directors of the firm.

Over the decades our practice has changed significantly in terms of the type of work we do. During the 1990's and 2000's our work centered mainly on mechanical design for the industrial and healthcare sectors as well as forensic engineering for the insurance industry. 

It was while investigating fire incidents Bob stumbled upon the relatively new discipline of fire engineering and after completing his Masters in Fire Engineering, the proportion of time dedicated to fire engineering design steadily increased through the 2010's.

Over the last 30+ years we have grown our network of satisfied clients, and worked in several interesting specialist niches such as height safety, fire safety design for hazardous substances use and storage, machine safety and building remedial works.

Historic Engineering Image
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