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6-8 Munroe Lane


6-8 Munroe Lane, Albany, Auckland


Passive Fire Consultant


Passive Fire Construction Monitoring, Passive Fire advice, and the issue of PS4



Project type

Commercial Building

Project Value

$142 million

6-8 Munroe Lane is an 8 level development in the heart of Albany with 224 carparks.

Nelligan Consulting Engineers was the engaged as the independent third-party passive fire inspector.

We added value to the project through our review and assurance of installing compliant and tested systems and full support on all matters related to Passive Fire Protection.

As part of our services, we provided:

- Review of Passive Fire Schedule at the beginning of the project
- Propose additional Passive Fire Systems
- Proposal of Alternative Solutions
- Routine Inspections (Construction Monitoring)
- PS4 (Producer Statement) at the conclusion of the project

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