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Rainbows End


2 Clist Crescent, Manukau City Centre, Auckland


Amusement Device Certifier / Mechanical Engineer / Fire Engineer


Amusement Device Certification, Safety Recommendations, Fire Engineering


2010's - now

Project type

Amusement Devices - Theme Park

Nelligan Consulting Engineers have partnered with Rainbows End over the last few years with multiple projects and this unique client gives us the opportunity to utilise our expertise in multiple areas, including amusement device certification, fire risk management and building fire safety.

We have assisted the management team with the ongoing safety programme of interesting and challenging ‘buildings’ such as the Log Flume, Gold Rush and transition from the Motion Master to the new 7D Spectra ride. The unique use of these buildings means we often need to employ ‘out of the box’ thinking to offer alternative fire safety solutions while still satisfying the Consenting Authority that compliance with the Building Code has been achieved.

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