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Gordons Market 'Redevelopment - Papua New Guinea


Papua New guinea


Fire Engineer


Fire Safety Design, Fire Modelling



Project type

Cultural Space / Produce Market

Project Value

$14 million

The Gordon’s Market Redevelopment project was a complete rebuild of the largest produce market in the South Pacific, which accommodates up to 1,350 vendors, 80% of whom are women. The project was supported by the UN Women organisation and opened in 2019.

The building consists of two levels, each with an approximate floor area of 4300m² and up to 3,400 occupants.

Nelligan Consulting Engineers was tasked with completing an Alternative Solution Fire Design to satisfy the local authorities that the building would be safe for its occupants in a fire. Our solution included Fire Modelling and an in-depth analysis of the evacuation times for the crowded spaces using modelling software, simulating multiple scenarios.

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