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Danilo Macedo Photo

Danilo Macedo

BE(Mech) MEngSt(Fire) CPEng CMEngNZ IntPE(NZ)

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Fire Engineer

Chartered Passive Fire Engineer

NZC in Passive Fire Levels 3 and 4

Auckland Council Producer Statement Author no. 124953

Originally from Brazil, Danilo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters's degree in Fire Engineering from the University of Canterbury.


In 2017, after arriving in New Zealand, Danilo was presented with the opportunity to work in the passive fire protection industry and eventually became responsible for training installers and preparing passive fire protection documentation and specifications. This experience drove Danilo into Fire Engineering where he's now in a unique position to design solutions and recommendations considering not only compliance but also fire engineering objectives.

As an industry professional, Danilo seeks to ensure that installations are compliant with New Zealand standards and fire reports. He is qualified in Passive Fire Protection Installations (Level 3) and Systems (Level 4), and he is a producer statement author with Auckland Council (PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4) and a Chartered Engineer in Passive Fire Engineering recognized by Engineering New Zealand.

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